My Story - Justin Hartney

About Me

My first photography class seven years ago ignited a spark that has only gotten brighter. Since the days of spending lunches in a darkroom, my camera has taken me to NASA rocket launches, farms in Ghana, and glaciers in Iceland. I worked on a team that won a Hearst for multimedia and as an individual was shortlisted for the Communication Arts Photography Competition on self-promotion. What drives me is a deep fascination with the stories of stars and stellar people. 

One night I’m shooting the stars 2.5 million light years away, and the next day I’m taking a portrait of stardust in the shape of a human. While I received an education in advertising from University of Oregon, I also began my business as a freelance photographer and social media strategist. I have worked with clients around the globe ranging from outdoor lifestyle, events, product, and food. As a one-person business, I gained experience in client relations, deadlines, finance, and risk-taking. From my formal education, I learned my role in advertising campaigns, the importance of strategy, and the value of an idea. 


Brands I've worked with

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