About Me

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   My camera has taken me to NASA rocket launches, farms in Ghana, and glaciers in Iceland. I worked on a team that won a Hearst for multimedia and as an individual was shortlisted for the Communication Arts Photography Competition on self-promotion. What drives me is a deep fascination with the stories of stars and stellar people.   

   My work is on the front page of Google Images for Yosemite sunrise, has been featured in print magazines, and used on the Travel Channel. I made a feature film in 2019 in collaboration with electronic artist ATTLAS. My rocket launch photography has been distributed to an entire NASA mission team. I launched and curated an Instagram account for a food delivery service that shortly sold to Grubhub.

   Inspired by science and the natural world, I use my camera to reveal what’s hidden to our eyes. Photography, video, and everything between are mediums to educate, inspire, and connect our planet.

Brands I've worked with

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