Science Communication

Photography and video are at the intersection of art and science. What cameras fall short to human vision is made up tenfold in what only cameras can capture.

My skills complement scientific research and provide visuals that aid in understanding complex ideas. Science is a universal language that speaks volumes in the visual medium.


  All of my work is driven by my curiosity of the cosmos. I study stars and stellar people, and this page focuses on the first. Learn about NASA missions and launches, view galleries of galactic wonders, and learn the skills I use to create this work.

Awards: Communication Arts Photography Shortlist 2018, 2019

Science and Memory Oregon Coast

   Science and Memory explores deeper into tide pools after a near extinction of starfish on the Oregon Coast. I documented life above and below the water to help communicate the health of keystone species.

Awards: 2017-2018 Hearst Multimedia Competition

Science & Memory Ghana

   The organic waste in Ghana is a gold mine for its farmers. It's cheaper to use and has higher harvest yields. My photography assisted in a campaign promoting compost use in Ghana.

Awards: 2019 Fast Company World Changing Ideas Honorable Mention


   Learn the origins and issues of the places I've captured. Follow video tutorials and learn my in field techniques and how I process my images.

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